Vinyl Decal Application Instructions
  1. Clean surface with alcohol based, window, or other appropriate cleaner.
  2. Rub over the surface of the decal with credit card or finger.
  3. Slowly peel the transfer tape (with red grid) from the backing.  Your decal should stick to the transfer tape.  If it doesn't, rub over the transfer tape again.
  4. Once you've separated the transfer tape with the decal from the backing, lay the decal on the surface you're applying it to.  Use the grid lines to help you make sure it is straight.
  5. Once you have the decal positioned exactly where you want it, rub the transfer tape again, transferring the vinyl to your surface from the transfer tape.
  6. Slowly peel the transfer tape from surface.  If vinyl is sticking to transfer tape, lay it back on the surface and rub some more.

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